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    I am using my treo600 for the first day today. It is awesome. I am able to connect to PCS vision, everything works fine so far. I have a few questions.

    1.) What email program is good to use. I am a sprint wireless subscriber, but my email address is from a phone company called Broadview Networks. I send and receive emails from the Broadview website. I am pretty sure it is standard POP3. If someone could help me I would appreciated it. Once the program is intalled on the phone, will my emails now go to both the Broadview account and the treo? If I delete an email on the treo will it also dissapear on the Broadview website?

    2.) Is it planned or possible to send email through the SMS software already installed on the phone.

    3.) With the BLAZER browser, how do you get to a men u where you can "enable" or "disable" cookies.

    4.) If you delete the "Blazer Cache" does it delete the cookies you have?.


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    1. if it is pop3, any pop3 palm client should work. I use SnapperMail, but you should try the free Eudora or the Palm Client.

    with the above program, the email isn't sent (pushed) to the treo, they are gotten (pulled) from your server. You can pull your email into 100 different email clients, depending on how you set up the software.

    The software wont delete from yout server unless you tell it to.

    2. since you have sprint, they dont realy have a true sms feature, they are working on it. yes, you can use it as an email "client" but for only really short messages.

    3. from with in blazer, hit the menu key (on keyboard), options menu, Preferences option, advanve button, check accept cookies.

    4. those are seperate options. you can delete them bothe or one or the other. to get there follow number 3, select memory management on the accept cookies page.
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    Felipe, you have been a big help and I appreciate it. I will try the palm client software. I don't mind paying for Snappermail if its better. Do you have any idea if the palm (free) software is as good?

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    When I use my PC to send and receive email, I log onto the website from my phone (landline) carrier.

    When I log onto my email page, there is an address book with all of the contacts I use daily.

    When I install the Handspring Client email program, will I have access to the email addresses on my phone companies server?

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    The free palm client seems to be adequate, I only used it once since I already paid for Snappermail.

    the free palm client is the email client that you would have gotten if you purchase a gsm model of the treo 600.

    You won't have access to your address book, unless there is a way to export that address book and then import it into your palm desktop.

    Question, have you tried to reach your phone companies server with blazer? It may be cramped though.
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    OK, installed HS mail.

    Seems OK but I must have something messed up.

    I use Broadview as my incoming mail server.

    I have SPRINT as my outgoing mail server.

    When I went to send a test email, it looked like it was making the connection, but it did not send the email.

    It seems to get hung up when it goes to the "connecting to sprint" screen


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    should be

    eventhoough you aren't using snapper, follow this:
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    Felipe - Thanks for the help. I have been screwing around for a few hours here, but finally I am in like flynn.

    The problem I was having with the HS mail software was that I had no username or password for outgoing (sprint) email.

    Oddly enough the technician told me you don't need a password or username for outgoing email.

    I guess he was wrong. Oh well. It works now.

    One thing I am not happy about is that you can't actually delete the spam emails fro the server. They delete off the phone, but they stay on the server. I get so much spam I don't know what to do. It would be nice is you could delete them from the server.

    Does snappermail let you do this?

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    Yes Snapper can do this. I use it all the time.

    you mark a message as junk and it deletes it from the server on you next fetch.
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    Looks like I will get the snappermail program.

    I wonder, the sprint tech said they support EUDORA, which is also free. I wonder if EUDORA would let you delete emails on the server? I would install it but it has three programs, a web browser, an email program and some other thing. I am just apprehensive aboout installaing a lot of useless stuff.

    It does make mention of accessing the internet directly without using a proxy server.

    I use sprint wireless, so, with BLAZER running are they my proxy server?

    I have a dial up account with BROADVIEW. Do they mean to imply that I could connect using my own dial up account that I can connect to with my PC and modem????? That would be nice.

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    I used Eudora for a long time b4 I moved to snapper. It didn't have that funtion either.

    Eudora is a great program though, I only had one issue with it.

    Your current sprint setup is not using a proxy server. The previous blazer uses a proxy server to speed up web access. On t-mo i use a proxy, but I dont have to.

    You should be able to create a connection on your sprit t600 to connect directly to your ISP (i think). But it may not be an easy thing to do. And not really worth it if you are on sprint unlimited plan, which is probably way faster anyway.

    I'm a t-mo user and on my old 270 I used to connect to road runner and att b4 I got the unlimited data plan from t-mo.
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    Some posts in other sections of this website make mention of the fact that SPRINT will charge you for accessing a dial up connection and using the phone as a modem.

    One poster said SPRINT tried to charge him 2300 bucks for downloading MP3s I think.

    I guess they frown upon using any other DATA connection through their network.

    I am still unsure about SNAPPERMAIL, my HS mail program has a delete, which deletes the mail off the phone. Are you pretty sure that SNAPPERMAIL can communicate back to my mail server and remove any spam I delete on my phone?

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    Yes, I read those post about the high bill cost.

    Sprint doesn't want you to use there phone as a modem. They dont want you to connect it to a laptop and use it as a modem.

    I use snapper mail every day to delete mail from the server.

    You don't have to buy snapper mail, you can try it first.But I don't know if the "junk" feature is available in the free version.
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    I think you can try the high end version for a trial period. Maybe I'll do that.



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