When you dial 156 to get through to data services you don't expect to be routed through to a circus. A simple question has so far had three different answers (All three operators were women if it makes a difference).

Basically I have OrangeWorld activated which includes 4 hours of HSCSD. I would like to know whether that 4 hours includes dial up to my own personal ISP or do I have to pay an additional charge since my ISP uses a nationwide 0845 dial up number. The last time I called I was told yes I would be charged 10p/min or I could use the Orange ISP which is 07797 3100500.

Couldn't get through on that number so I rang up again and was told that the Orange ISP was discontinued a year ago.. <AGHHHH>

It seems the only way I am ever going to find out is when I eventually get my bill in a fortnight's time.