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    What a nightmare. Late last night I had my first T600 hard reset. Fine... much less common than my i330. Except that a restore didn't work -- flashing screen of death each time. I've been trying piecemeal installation of programs, but it flips out every few synchs -- and I can't pin it down to one program. So I'm just doing this endlessly.

    Anyone have this problem? I can get all the programs to work at some point -- but the installation of some before others, or something like that -- is causing flashing screen of death (at which point I have to start all over again).

    I'm using Launcher X and about 5 years of collected Palm utilities, games, etc -- all which worked fine before the hard reset.
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    I believe Launcher X is the problem. Before you restore, delete Launcher X from the backup. Then restore. Then go into your archive and double click on Launcher X to load and do another hot sync. That should solve the problem. I think there are some other threads on this. I had to do this and it worked.
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    I had to do a hard reset for the first time a couple of days ago, and I'm a bit annoyed that I've lost my call log.

    I would have expected this to be backed up as part of the hotsync process.

    Are there any third party utilities that back this up? Or is it stored somewhere that I can manually back it up?
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    I have a backup card for my T|W it saves call log and speed dial numbers. But I don't know if you can use it with the treo.
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    Call log is definitely backed up -- there is a specific file for it. Mine was completely restored.

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