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    Hello all. I've been unable to install Palm Desktop or Hotsync Manager on my Mac. I downloaded it from Handspring, and when it gets close to finishing the installation process it says:

    Installation did not complete successfully. Do you wish to attempt to reinstall the software or to quit?

    Any ideas? After that happens, I see a Palm folder on my applications folder, and when I try Palm Desktop it opens up fine, but when I open Hotsync Manager it says this:

    The application "HotSync Manager" could not be launched because of a shared library error: "4<HotSync Manager><HotSync Manager><HotSyncLib.PPC><>"

    I have no idea what to do. I'm running OSX 10.3.1 on a G5, and have a Treo 300. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Nevermind. I just got it to work, after reading this thread:

    Did a complete uninstall while logged in as root, and then downloaded the Stuffit 8.0.1 updater. Now it works like a charm.

    Just in case you were interested
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    Thank you for posting the "punchline" to this. I recently upgraded from OS 10.2.6 to OS 10.3 and haven't been able to sync since, due to that exact same error message (which the term I searched to find this thread). Now I too know what to do. Woo hoo! Thank you!
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    Spoke too soon. No more Stuffit Deluxe Upgrader 8.0.1 out there.

    Did find this notice from Palm1, though. Grr. Not my favorite answer.
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    I had this same issue when I upgraded to Panther. Instead of "unstuffing" the downloaded file, I just installed the Palm Desktop that Handspring inlcluded on the CD that came with the Treo. It's not stuffed.

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