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    Which treo e-mail client is the best for managing spam? I get a lot of spam everyday and would like to get an e-mail client that allows for plenty of rules to get rid of spam. My e-mail server will automatically tag spam, but I need it to get rid of those so I don't have to see it and I have e-mails with certain to: addresses that need to be deleted automatically.

    I don't think I could take having to go through every e-mail and deleting them one by one. I'm sure there are many more like me.
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    I have all my email forwarded to, then they send back all the "clean" email to another email account that I just set up . I can set up lists for people or domains to automatically get thru. It works like a charm. I also have my new email account SMS me when a new email arrives, so its kind of like instant notification of new nonspam email. $30/ year but worth it.
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    This has been covered in several threads. DO a search on SPAM before posting!

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