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    Originally posted by zvandiver
    The Velo II LX Skin 1.051 is really nice. It is one of the few low-res skins available.
    It is on PalmGear


    That is for hi res. Do you have the right link?
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    Both the standard and the hi-res are included in the download, just install the standard one. I did & it works great...although the skin is cut off where the battery shows in the top right corner...guess there's nothing you can do.
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    I use MegaLauncher on all my other PDA's (Sony NR70V and Palm IIIC-Wife's) and was dissapointed that it does not work on the T600. I e-mailed them and they said that they were making a major update that would support the T600, however it was about 3 months away... Untill then I'll use LauncherX.
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    These all sound like awesome launchers. Until I find out which one works for me (Hi, Z or X), I recommend the free "Today" Launcher. It's pretty basic stuff, but it gets the job done!
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    Originally posted by palmnerd
    1. ZLauncher supports creating shortcuts to apps installed on the expansion card. You can move apps back and forth easily. This eliminates the need for apps like PowerRun.

    So does Launcher X

    ZLauncher has a built-in file manager that eliminates the need for apps like FileZ.

    So does Launcher X

    With ZLauncher's QuickLaunch feature, it's not really necessary to install a 3rd party launcher like HiLauncher. The QuickLaunch feature can be configured to launch from within other applications. I should note that I DO have a 3rd party launcher installed (SpeedLaunch) that I think is great.

    Perhaps true. But I prefer button launcher to any of these options (and I've tried them all), so it's moot for me.

    While the default configuration for ZLauncher may seem a little busy, you can hide the areas at the top and bottom of the screen to get a very clean look.

    But's it's still more complex and harder to read the Launcher X

    The price! ZLauncher is $12 and Launcher X is $24 (though it's on sale for $19 right now at PalmGear).

    Given that I spent $400 on my Treo, and that software for my PC costs many times what software for the Palm costs, I'm not going to quibble about $7 (or even $12).
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    Hi All,

    Quick Launcher X question. If I get a soft reset it takes the home button back to the default launcher until I use Launcher X once. I thought I remember a preference from an older version to "always user Launcher X"

    Any way to do this?
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    I don't think there is a setting for that in LauncherX 1.1. When you install it, I believe it becomes default to always launch LauncherX after a soft reset, no setting changes required. Maybe a reinstall will work? If not, you can always you Soft Reset 1.0, which gives you the ability to select which app to launch after a soft reset. So to resolve your issue, you should chose to launch LauncherX.
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    Ahhh... zlauncher does have a signal indicator - at least on the version I am missing (ZLpreferences/Top/Bottombar check box signal)

    Great launcher -
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackson40
    Ahhh... zlauncher does have a signal indicator - at least on the version I am missing (ZLpreferences/Top/Bottombar check box signal)

    Great launcher -
    Launcher X also has a signal indicator
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    I've said it many times and I'll say it again, the LauncherX vs. ZLauncher war is so similar to the Mac vs. PC war it's amusing. LauncherX does everything I need it to do, while looking great, clean and elegant. ZLauncher does everything LX does and a bit more, but it looks like hell doing it. Sure you can customize the heck out of it to make it palatable, but why when LauncherX comes like that out of the box and does everything that I need it to. You can make Windows look clean and nice like an OS X box, but it's almost a full-time job and it's never quite right. Sure you can run a lot more programs on Windows and it does a lot of little things that the Mac doesn't, but I'd rather pay more for the Mac that is built from the ground up to be elegant. I tried ZLauncher many times, believe me. Launcher X comes out of the gate perfect for my needs and I paid more for it gladly.
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