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    What do you recommend for moving applications to the SD card? I know you can do it with FileZ. Anything else? And how do you know if an application is useable from the card? Just try it and see?
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    You can install the applications directly to the SD card using the "Quick Install" feature on Palm Desktop. The description of the application will normally state if it supports running from the SD card.

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    Try using a third party mem manager like PowerRun/TealAlias or Zlauncher that will allow you to install apps to the card but still run them via shortcuts from memory. This makes organizing your shortcuts much easier and convenient..
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    ZLauncher does this seamlessly.
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    I just put my SD card into the SD card-reader on my computer, then move the *.prc file into the appropriate folder. (I think it's named "Launcher"). Then just put the SD card back into the Treo & you're good to go!

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