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    Interesting... I had a HORRIBLE experience with this seller.

    Ordered a car charger and first they sent me one for Nokia phone! So I called and emailed -- no response. I think it was because I was complaining -- so they completely ignored me for two weeks! I think he even recognized my number. So I started using number block and finally he picked up. I explained the problem and he was very nice and sent me the correct product -- allegedly.

    What I got was a car charger for the Treo 300. Which Handspring says I shouldn't use. I know that it seems to be okay -- but what I specifically ordered was one for the Treo 600 -- and sending me one for the 300 was bullcrap.

    I say avoid this guy.
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    Notice two things:

    1. An awful lot of people (even on this thread) got the wrong item at first. And he sends Treo 300 models when available.

    2. His eBay feedback is artificially high because he threatens all buyers with revenge negatives. Buyers with legitimate complaints who leave him a negative are then given a negative by him -- so most buyers (like me) just ignore it.
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    Ordered from this guy on November 26th. Still have not received order. After complaining to him by email, he responded that I should receive order today or tomorrow. We will see.
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    Hmm... Dan must have the flu or something. I've ordered 3 times from him already and all 3 times I received them within 3-5 business days. I have to admit, he did mess up my order 2 of those times, but it was a GOOD mess up for me. Got bunch of "extra" T600 accessories now. Gotta love that guy.
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    Received my order today consisting of case and cradle. Order was accurate. Did not like T600 case but that is not Dan's faullt.
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    I've ordered Treo 600 items from him as well and recieved them promptly. I did try contacting him via email and he did get back to me within a day. I trust him enough to place another order from him again in the near future.
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    I just got into a spat with this guy. His ad suggests he'll ship within 2 business days. I did pay the day before Thanksgiving, so I'd normally give a seller some slack - like a couple of days extra leeway, but he didn't get it out of his warehouse for 6-7 business days and I had to send him multiple emails to get the USPS tracking number from him. I left him a neutral feedback and he promptly gave me a neutral feedback in addition to sending me a comical ALL CAPS email. I got the product, but I'll choose another seller next time. For example, I purchased some items the exact same day from peakcloudy and received shipment in 3 business days.
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    Same thing happened to me, left positive feedback for him but mentioned he had slow delivery (took 9 days)...he promptly left me positive feedback with me being inpatient IN ALL the personal e-mail in all caps.

    I pretty much told him that that wasn't professional and not a good way to get more business.

    His products are exactly as described and I'd buy from him again, just VERY slow shipping.

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    Hmmmm....I oredered the 600 cradle and it was at my door 4 days later. I give him an A+. $18 for a great.
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    I have been trying to call him for the last 3 days but he never answers the phone. Does he ever answer the phone?

    Anyhow I have just emailed him again so lets see how it goes.

    My email:

    "Hello Daniel,

    I am writing to confirm whether my order listed below, has shipped yet or not. Also if it has shipped, could you please give an idea about the expected delivery date. A quick response would be appreciated.

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    For the record, I've ordered from this guy and received the product promptly. I didn't have any problem with the communication level, either.
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    Im on my 12th day of waiting from this guy.. so far Im not loving Dan and wont be doing business with him in the future.
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    Does this guy even read the emails sent to him? Or does he take all his customers to be fools. Mr. Daniel obviously does not care two hoots about his customers, this is quite apparent from his two emails that I have received in response to my emails.

    Make what you will of him from the following and also do keep in mind what he states on his site:
    Order placed December 4th, 2003.
    All US shipments are made via United States Postal Service either by First Class or Priority Mail with delivery confirmation, depending on the types of products purchased. A majority of our orders will be picked up by USPS from our automated warehouse within 2 business days (Monday - Friday).
    December 6th, 2003
    Hello Daniel,

    I placed an order for the below mentioned items and paid for them via PayPal on the 4th of December. The reason for my email is that I need to have the order delivered to me latest by the 15th, since I am leaving for overseas that day and I need the accessories for my trip. Also there wonít be anyone there to receive the shipment after the 15th. Therefore could you please ensure that the order is shipped in time to be delivered by the 15th. In case it canít be done, I would like you to cancel the order and inform me of it right away so I can make alternate arrangements.

    December 6th, 20003
    no worries

    Daniel Horton
    December 10, 2003
    Hello Daniel,

    I am writing to confirm whether my order listed below, has shipped yet or not. Also if it has shipped, could you please give an idea about the expected delivery date. A quick response would be appreciated.

    December 11, 2003
    We hope you enjoy your purchase.
    Your payment has been received for the following item:Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order and 2-8 business days to arrive. International orders please allow up to two weeks.

    *Very Important*
    We ship all items USPS first class, The USPS does not have a city to city tracking system so *please do not email us for one*. We do however use delivery confirmation receipt which allows us to see your item arrive or if an issue comes up.
    If you do not have your item in 10 business days after processing time. By all means Please contact our customer service at 203-629-1360 or email and we will be more than happy to research your order.

    Daniel Horton
    First of all he received my money on the 4th and not today. Secondly on his site he claimed only a 2 day processing period and there is no mention of a 2-8 days delivery time on his site. The fact is that USPS does not take more than 4 working days to deliver any First Class or higher mail anywhere in the continental US. Also Saturday is a regular working day as far as the USPS is concerned. Secondly, USPS very much has a city to city tracking system all though they may not do so for First Class mail. Thirdly that customer service phone number he advertises, is of no use at all. I have tried to call him several times each day for the last 5 days and not once has a human being answered the phone. Last but not the least, this email of Mr. Daniel is obviously no more than a cut paste job of some form email of his.
    Well, I still don't know if my order has shipped and/or if it will be delivered on time. But one thing I do know is that this is the very last time Mr. Daniel get's my business.
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    I have emailed Mr. Daniel one more time. Hopefully, I shall get a more direct answer to my queries.
    December 11, 2003
    Hello Mr. Daniel,

    I was hoping for a more direct answer to the queries in my previous email to you. Since your email addressed neither of my queries I am once again writing to quite simply ask, if and when my order was shipped and also an approximate time of delivery.

    Hoping for a timely response.

    Thanking you,
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    This is the response I got to my last email. He is asking me for the same information that I have mentiioned in almost every single email of mine. Atleast he seems to be addressing the issue now.
    Thank you for your email, We are here to serve you. Please provide the following information so we may research your order and get you shipping status.

    1. last name, state or country, zip?

    2. Item number and item description (very important)

    3. The date the auction closed or order date?

    Please DO NOT copy and paste ebay or paypal pages. All we need is the above three simple questions answer.

    Due to the volume of emails we receive please allow up to 36 hours to do a search.

    Thank you again for the business and have a great day.
    God Bless

    *** Season Greetings ***

    Daniel Horton
    My reply to Mr. Daniel's email.
    Hello Mr. Daniel,

    I hope you shall now be able to give me a status on my order, If and when it shipped and an expected date of delivery. Do please keep in mind that as mentioned in my prior emails, the order is of no use to me if it is not delivered by the 15th of this month. The following is the information that you have asked for.

    Buyer User ID:
    Last Name: Gupta
    State: New Jersey
    Zip: 07632

    Payment mode: Paypal

    Item # 3063313137 Handspring Treo 600 OEM Stylus 3-Pack *NEW*
    Item # 3063455010 Handspring Treo 600 OEM USB Docking Cradle
    Item # 3063467920 Handspring Treo 600 OEM USB Charging Cable
    Item # 3063381687 Handspring Treo 600 OEM Form Fit Leather Case
    Item # 3063387702 Treo 600 Plantronics MX150 Handsfree *NEW*

    Date of Order: December 4th, 2003

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    First time post, btw a great site for Treo enthusiasts.
    I purchased the Handspring Treo 600 OEM Form Fit Leather Case
    last Wed. (12-3-03) and received it today (12-11-03). It took 6 business days to receive my purchase.
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    You can give us a try at We ship out all Treo 600 accessories orders placed by 3pm CST the same day. Everything is in Handspring retail packages. Everything is below Handspring's prices (and most other places).

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