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    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the review! Quick Question: How would you compare with the Boxwave protectors that you reviewed? Also, have you ever tried Brando? If so could you do a comparison? Thanks, and extremely appreciative of your efforts!
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    Boxwave is currently #1 in my book and the Martin Fields protectors are like a distant 4th.

    However, I have not yet tried the G2 or Brando protectors. We are waiting for samples so look for reviews of those soon. After we have those reviews complete - I'll post an overall shootout comparing everything.
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    I have used nothing but Brando for the last few years on all my handhelds.
    Best I have used so far!
    Check out the review on our review page.
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    Thanks Derek, for letting me know where the Martins protector stands.

    Jim - I too use only Brando and feel the same way, but saw that Derek had a boxwave review, hence, he could make the comparison. Also, many have compared Boxwave and said very similar to Brando. Thanks for link to your site and review!

    Guys- also great job with your websites, they awesome! Many thanks for efforts!
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    Boxwave kicks ***
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    I'm waiting for NuShield to start shipping their screen protectors for the 600 series. They may be a bigger pain to install since they slide under the frame...but they are slick.
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    How is NuShield different from G2?
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    Originally posted by derek985
    How is NuShield different from G2?
    Dunno. Never done a side by side comparison.
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    Found this review of seven most popular screen protectors.

    Based on this, I just ordered a 3-pack of Boxwave protectors for my soon to be arriving Treo 600/Sprint.
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    Just wanted to pass on a positive customer service experience. About two months ago I bought an Overlay Plus protector for my Sprint T6 in combination with an egrip so I could go as thin as possible with my "productivity" toy.

    After a half dozen attempts at applying and reapplying the Overlay Plus I successfully centered the protector only to find a bubble near the bottom left corner and 2 dimples near the center. I could ignore the dimples near the center, especially with the backlight on because it was then unnoticeable but dust began building up under the bubble. This was driving me crazy.

    So I wrote domL International Customer Service, the company that provides the Overlay Plus and asked about what I guess is called "loyalty" pricing for a replacement. Because this was essentially my fault, I was willing to pay something, just not full retail.

    CS surprised me and offered to ship one out free of charge. That was about 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately, the replacement was sent regular post and somehow it was lost.

    But I liked the product so much I thought I'd buy a few for my friends and ask again about getting a discount on the replacement.

    Well the package arrived yesterday and lo and behold the CS included an additional free replacement, as originally promised.

    I am so pleased I thought I'd share a positive experience.

    Now I will have my friends over to put these darn things on, since I obviously need supervision.

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