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    I have a Treo 600 with the following added applications:

    KeySuite and Keycontacts
    Dir Assist

    Whenever I do a HotSync, I seem to lose my application preferences of sorts. My Snappermail account can't login unless I re-enter the POP3 account password, and my button assignments (for example, "phone" for phone vs. "phone" for Keycontacts) also reset themselves.

    Are the applications re-installing themselves with every HotSync? What would explain this behavior?

    It's like my preferences still exist, but they're getting fuXXored by the HotSync.

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    Argh - still having this problem, despite some reinstalls and also switching between "Handheld overwrites Desktop" and "Desktop Overwrites Handheld."

    Same behavior - if I set preferences and settings in my applications, the minute I perform a Hotsync, the preferences and settings get lost on the handheld. It ends the Hotsync with "You now need to reset your handheld computer by tapping the button below."

    All of my button assignments disappear and I need to re-enter all of my passwords for Snappermail and such.

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    OK, this might be fixed.

    I emptied my backup folder and also turned off the "install" conduit on Hotsync.

    Looks like it's retaining the preferences now.
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    How did you turn off the "install" at hotsync? I lose my favorites and my sound preferences at hotsync, do you think this can help me?

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