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    Is there a channel to buy the european (Orange) version og the Treo 600 in the U.S.? I like the color better, and I understand it comes unlocked.
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    I don't know about any channels for getting hold of them, but the Orange T600s are definitely locked (at least the ones in France - not that you'd want one of them with their hideous AZERTY keyboard!) I tried my one with a colleague's SFR card without success.

    The normal policy for Orange in the UK and France, at least, is that the phone is unlockable 6 months after buying it, so I imagine you'll see some unlocked ones on eBay in 5-6 months.

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    I just returned from the UK where I attempted to buy a Treo 600 from Orange, as they are offering it for only 119 ($190). I can assure that the phone is locked; however, Orange will send you an unlock code if you pay 20 and a full year's line charge up front (assuming you can pass the credit check, which requires a permanent UK residence).

    Unless you plan on using the phone quite often in Europe, it is cheaper to buy it here and roam on the Orange network. Here is what it would have cost:

    Phone: 119 ($190) + VAT
    1 yr. Line Charge*: 300 ($480) + VAT
    Unlock Fee: 20 ($32)
    Total: 439 ($702) excl. VAT

    * - Don't forget, you'd still have to pay your monthly fee to whatever GSM carrier you use in the States.

    You can buy an unlocked Treo on eBay for around $500 and roaming in the UK on AT&T is $1.35 per minute. Much cheaper, even when you spend a fair amount of time making business calls in the UK as I do.

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