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    Hello there, I am a newbie, also an 'older' guy who is by no means a techie...I need some help. My kids bought me a Treo 600 for the holidays and I like it a lot. I would like to put some of my MP3s on it for my walks, train rides etc. I've tried to read quite a few posts about how to set this up, but I admit I'm lost. I would really appreicate it if someobody could give me a step by step in laymans terms about how to set up MP3s on the Treo 600. This would include what card do I need to get, How do I get the software that plays the MP3s, how do I put the MP3s from my computer to my Treo, and the rest of what I need to do. Also heard several people talking about listening to internet radio over their Treos, I would love it if someone could explain to me how to do that also. You can post here or email me at (little Jimi Hendrix reference)... Thanks in advance for anyone who helps me out. I know its sometimes annoying helping someone who doesn't even know the basics, but you seem like a nice group of people. Happy Holidays.
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    what you need to play mp3 on your treo.

    1. mp3.
    2. an sd card.
    3. a way to get the mp3 onto the sd card.
    4. a mp3 player that work for your palm.

    fyi, not the only way, but this is how i do it.

    1. Mp3: I assume you already have these on your computer, so I skip this.
    2. sd (secure digital) card to store the mp3 on. Any sd card should work. Any size should work. I use sandisk, which I read werent the best, but they were cheap when i bought them. I use a 256 mb card.
    3. the best may to get the mp3 onto the sd card is via a reader. all you have to do (assuming your operating system sees the reader), is drag the mp3 onto the card. here is one , but there are others.
    4. I use pocket tunes from if you registered your treo with handspring, you should of been able to download a free version of this program. the deluxe version of pocket tunes can do streaming, but i havent tried that.
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    One other note, that isn't exactly a "newbie" instruction, but may be useful for you.

    When most folks rip their mp3s, they use a fairly high sample rate (like 192kbps) to preserve "CD quality" sound on their PC. But most folks find that, given the conditions in which you listen to music off the treo (either through the mono speaker, or with cheap earbuds, with lots of ambient noise around, etc.) that you really don't need all this quality in the source mp3.

    I "downsampled" a collection of my mp3s to 96kbps (FM radio quality) using MusicMatch before transfering to my treo. Why? Because it allows you to stuff twice as much music into the same memory space. So I have about 16 hours of music on my 512MB SD card.

    Definitely not Ipod capacity, but not bad.

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    how much you paid for that 512?
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