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    I'm thinking of trimming my Treo 300's BoxWave ClearTouch screen protector to fit the Treo 600. Has anybody done that?

    I wonder if it will look good after cutting. I'm not talking about making a straight cut, but some materials bend and discolor at the edge where it was cut.

    ... or maybe I should just shell out $15.45 and buy one specifically cut for the Treo 600...

    Boy, the accessories sure add up (cradle, 2' usb cable, eGrips, screen protector, extra car charger, ...)
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    Before any screen protectors came out for the 600 (the first week the 600 came out), The only thing for me to do was to trim my Brando Treo 300 screen protectors to fit the 600. Brando and Boxwave are very similar protectors. I had a bunch of the 300 protectors, so i went to work. I messed one up before i was able to cut the perfect size. I used one of those big paper cutter things at work that cuts straight lines. I just did a little at a time with 2 sides of the protector until it fit the 600. turned out well.

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