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    Ordered my Treo 600 last Sunday. On amazon it shows a delivery date of January 5th to January 28th.

    It also shows that mine has already been shipped, and fed ex tracking shows it left texas at 2:00 am today. I live in AZ so maybe I'll get her soon!
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    Has any1 else gotten good news like this.

    I am worried I'll receive my Sprint registration card with a letter saying my treo is on back order. It still say's on Amazon that my estimated arrival date is Jan 5th - 28th.

    Could my treo really be comming early?
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    did you order nything else at the same time? then what else would it be, if not your treo?
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    Big thread about this already called "Amazon waiting"- yes, they are really shipping!
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    Yep.. looks like Amazon got re-stocked on Thursday and is shipping again.

    I ordered mine just on Thursday @ 5pm with next-day delivery option.

    FedEx shows

    Dec 5
    9:59 am Pickup status ADDISON TX

    Dec 6
    5:06 am Left FedEx Sort Facility INDIANPOLIS IN

    should be delivered by Monday, Dec 8 by 10:30 am

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