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    I just purchased a Treo 600 directly from Handspring. I installed the sync apps and then attached the USB Hostsync cable to my computer and Treo. During the software installation, the wizard prompted me to press the round button on the USB connector attached to the Treo. As soon as I pressed it, it resets the Treo.
    I read the help documentation and other info on this site and I learned the button is surpose to the activate a wizard to install the driver. This is not happening in my situation.
    Suggestion anyone?
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    Hmm. The only time I have seen the 'reset on hotsync' problem is when I accidentally (on purpose) deleted the connections database, bit since this is a virgin install, I doubt that this would have happend. Perhaps just check to see that on the T600 hotsync screen it shows 'cradle/cable'.
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    I spoke to a PalmOne tech this morning and he gave me a couple of things to do on the Treo. After doing what he recommended, it fixed the problem. This is what he recommended.

    1. Press and hold the [k] and [<-] (backspace) button at the same time 2. Press the reset button behind the Treo. 3. Release everything

    The steps above will disconnect the battery from the Treo.

    Next, insert the power adapter into the Treo and power it on.

    That fixed the problem.

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