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    I saw an article in Walter Mossberg's Solutions Column Technology column yesterday about a cradle he's been testing for your cell phone called the Cell Socket that routes calls to your landline phone while in the cradle and includes an antenna to make the cell signal stronger. Read his article at:

    This makes it so that if you receive a cell phone call at home that you can pick up that call on any of your phones. Now that we've got the new 7 PM unlimited nights and weekends on Sprint this would be just great. This is like Cingular's FastForward service but works for any cell phone and/or carrier with a compatible cradle.

    You can also make outgoing calls using your cell phone plan using your regular phone. IT also has an antenna that boosts indoor reception on your cell. If it could also recharge your phone, this would be the ultimate Treo 600 cradle.

    This device called a Cell Socket could be extremely cool, especially if you want to get rid of your landline phone. It doesn't say that it's compatible with the Treo600 though (several other cell phones are supported), so I e-mailed them to see if they have a cradle that is.

    If they don't have a cradle that works with the Treo 600, perhaps if other people e-mail them as well we can get them to make it compatible with the Treo 600. This would be the best!

    Being able to use our regular home or office phones to pick up calls coming in on the Treo 600 would be awesome.

    I e-mailed sales at Cell Socket. Here is the e-mail and answer(/thread) that I received back after requesting Cell Socket support for the Treo 600, especially from Sprint. So if anyone else is interested in getting this device for use with the Treo 600 be sure to e-mail and let them know. I think it would be fantastic!


    >Could you, please, tell me if the CellSocket is compatible with the Palm/Handspring Treo 600 phone? I’m very interested in purchasing one after reading the article by Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal today but want to make sure that you have a cradle that the Treo 600 will fit in and that the antenna fits as well.<

    >Not at this time, not sure when. We are definately working on more compatibility for the future.<

    >Many Thanks,
    Bill C<
    Sales/ North America
    WHP Wireless, Inc.

    >Thanks, Bill. Something to keep in mind is that the largest group of early adopters in the cell phone industry are comprised of owners of the Treo 600. They are willing to spend more on a smart phone and would be more open to buying the Cell Socket than others. I think you could sell a ton of ‘em if and when you do support the Treo 600. There is a lot of “buzz” surrounding the Treo 600 that you could spring board off of.<


    >You know, we get hundreds of requests for Sprint compatibility a month. I will contact Sprint next week and see where we can go. I will also, if it is ok with you, use your email as fuel for the conversation.<

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    I emailed them as well.

    Once company, I can't remember the name right now, made something like this, but it was on;y compatible with the Nokia 5160 and the Motorola StarTac. I've been dying for something like this ever since getting my first cellphone several years ago.

    Let's go people, let the email flood begin!!!!!


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