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    I have the 600 and have it set to vibrate when it rings as well as the ringer to sound. I need it to vibrate while audibly ringing because I frequently cannot hear it in my pocket. Now WHILE I AM ON A CALL, and some sms message, beep, verichat notification, or voicemail notification comes in, the phone is vibrating in my ear while talking on a call. Does anyone else experience this, and is there a way to cancel vibration WHILE ON A CALL

    And also maybe lower the volume of the alerts while on a call, its loud in my ear when I get a message

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    No offense, but you really should read the manual. Go to Preferences->Sound. Note that right at the top is a pop-up menu that says Application and is set to Phone. Click on that and you can set separate volume and vibration settings for Phone, Mail, Calendar, MMS, and SMS.
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    I'm not sure that answered the previous question. I believe he wanted DIFFERENT behavior from his various alerts and alarms only WHILE on a phone call.

    I too have the same problem: I usually want sound and vibration from alarms/alerts... but while I'm on a call it is annoying, and embarrasing to explain, what all the noise is going on :-) Switching the sound selector button off each time a phone call comes in is impractical, and you'd still have the vibration.

    I'd be intersted in any solutions.
    Bill Petro

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