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    Alright people, maybe Im just a horrible searcher, but I need your help.
    I want a good stereo headset for my T600 so I can listen to Ptunes. I don't want to use the adaptor, just plug and listen.
    Any help would be appreciated!
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    These work pretty well. Plugs straight into the Treo 600.

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    Larry, your a funny guy!! :-) I realize that HS has some, but I'm really looking for something of better quality that can plug directly into the T600...
    Thanks again guys,
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    Yea, I'd like to find one too that would plug directly in but everything I've found requires the adapter so I'm using the HS one right now.

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    I thought for sure there would be something....
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    Well, I just ordered the adaptor. After thinking about it, I would much rather be able to chosse my headphones than have someone devise an adaptor for their product and be stuck with it.
    Larry, thanks for the help!


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