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    I am in Bali and using my Treo 600 and have picked up a signal on the roaming service, but I want to switch to another service provider who has GPRS roaming. But I cannot see where one actually selects a provider from those available, it just seems to log on to one when I switch one without any way for me to select which one I want to log into. Is there something in the menus somewhere that allows me to select who I wish to use ? Thanks,
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    how about preferences/network at the bottome you can change? although it doesnt show available carriers as other GSM phones do, even though i have not used mine over seas yet, try there.
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    In the Phone application, press the menu button, go to Options, and look down the list for Select Network.
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    Try this: while in the phone application, bring up the menu. The "Options" menu should include a "Select Network" option.

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