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    Any danger of getting socked with a huge data bill from TMo using 'free' access? Presumably, they know who's doing it.
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    Giggsy, T-Mo is not Sprint. You can call T-Mo and ask. As long as you pay the unlimited data plan as add on to your phone bill plan T-Mo would not charge you one cent extra.
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    I haven't tried calling TMo CS yet, but perhaps those of you whose bills arrive before mine could post to this thread if they get stuck with any additional charge for using the 'free' service. I doubt anyone will as, according to my reading of the TMo site, WAP is free. (Anyone using their Treo as a laptop modem with this service?)
    Another thing that I should mention is that my T600 works fine on the TZone setting, i.e. no changes to Blazer settings for me, i.e. no proxy changes to whatever TMo sets up. When I dropped the unmilited plan, I noticed that the TMo Internet setting wouldn't work anymore, so I just switched the network to TZones and off I went.
    So far so good.....
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    has anyone gotten their PQA's working?
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    I have read through this thread, and am not clear. I hope someone can help me...

    I have a Treo 180, which I upgraded from a Visorphone. With the Visorphone, there was a way to get free Internet access with T-Mobile and Earthlink (as shown at When I switched to the Treo, I just moved these settings over (I have no data plan) and continued to have free access; however, this uses minutes from my T-Mobile plan. Also, the connection is not continuous. Is there a difference between what I am doing and what you are talking about in this thread? For instance, I would love to install AIM and be able to instant message without having to connect and use T-Mobile minutes each time. Would I be able to do this if I use the settings explained in this thread?
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