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    anyone using this one?
    this is supposed to be fully functional and working well with the treo600 keyguard. i found this over at handingo and email the developer. they said no issues with the treo. anyone actually using?

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    I tried it for a few days, but I "think" I had a problem with it and deleted it for now. (Not enough time to explore it further.) What happened was an unexpected self-restart following setting an alarm. This happened once with the program on my Kyocera 7135, and stopped when I deleted 9.95.

    I may re-install it again sometime to test it further when I have more patience, but am somewhat sure it was the culprit again. Nice program though!
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    Check out the bottom of

    9.95 CLOCK is based on BigClock, released under the GPL and
    1999-2002 Jens Rupp.
    Based on that alone I would stick with the free bigclock.

    I personally use Bob's Alarm. He has been actively updating it these past few weeks. Latest betas work just fine with the Treo 600. Lately he has been adding .wav and midi support,

    Check out the Yahoo group at

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