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    Hey, my SD card from SanDisk just arrived. So, I popped the thing in, and the Treo recognized the disk. So, I decided to try to put files on it. So I did. Midis and MP3s. Then once it finished syncing, the thing reset. Huh. I then went to see the contents of the SD card, and saw that there was nothing there. Then this error popped up saying it was unreadable. I don't have an SD card read, should I have 'formatted' the SD card first? I'm not sure what to do. Please help!
    Thanks a lot!
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    In your Applications on your T600 is an app called Card. Click on this and format your card and see if it helps.
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    Ok that did it thanks!! I still can't see ringtones, though...I'll see if I can fool around with this and try to load them somehow...
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    Ok I give up Is there any way to add ringtones without having to download them from the net? Cause I have ATT so not much data transfer / month...
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    If you have an IR port on your pc just beam your .mid files and it will be added in your ringtone list in the palm memory (not in the sd)
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    While we are on the subject of cards, is there any downside to adding prc and pdb files to a card using a reader rather than a sync?

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