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    Please, can anyone help me with this one. I just got the phone this week and love it! Unfortunately, I just tried to add some 3rd party apps (TakePhone, TreoAlertMgr, KeyCaps600) and now the phone won't stop trying to reset itself. I've deleted the apps from everywhere on my desktop, and already done several hard resets. After the hard reset, the phone is OK, but when I sync to resore the data, it gets done and starts resetting over and over, every couple seconds. Thanks.
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    Go to Handspring's site...check out this url:

    Tells you how to get rid of the app.
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    Thanks, that did the trick. Happy Holidays!
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    I am afraid that it might happen to mine.
    I will be careful.
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    My new T600 continually reset whenever I received an incoming call. Problem was MIDI file xfered from my T300. The MIDI file passed the "Palm OS5 compatibility filter" when I upgraded. Since the phone didn't reset when on vibe only, I figured it was sound related. Soulution was on the Handspring site.

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