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    Wanted to see if anyone else has seen this:

    All of a sudden, this morning, I started noticing that my screen won't turn off when the 600 is in any powered-on mode. Cradle, wall charger, car charger - they're all the same. The screen won't turn off. This doesn't happen when not being externally powered.

    Before anyone starts to ask me about any mail alerts, or TreoHelper, or an app called 'OnCradleOn' (don't use it) - I don't think my issue is application-related, since it ONLY happens when the 600 is being powered externally. Keyguard doesn't impact things - I can have keyguard active, sit the 600 in the cradle, and the screen won't go off. If I hit a button, I'm prompted to turn off the keyguard, just like normal, as if the screen were just waking up.

    It won't turn off. I've thought about the wireless keyboard app, but after removing the driver, that doesn't change anything. I've racked my brain trying to think of what could cause this, but since the issue only occurs when it's powered on, nothing comes to mind. I've soft reset many times, changed the auto-off setting many times, both before and after soft resets. Still happens.
    I can't think of what might have started this either - I was just in normal use, and then I noticed that when I sat the 600 in its cradle, it was not going off. I checked the auto-off, started playing around, and after exhaustive diagnostics, have come up with nothing. I get the same thing happening when the phone portion is on or off - works the same either way, so I know it's not any kind of lack of network signal, or network alert, or anything.
    If I remove power (again, it's all the same - cradle, car, wall), the unit turns off as per its settings.
    I'm one step from the dreaded hard reset - hoping for some magic elixir that will save me. Anyone?
    and I'm fairly Palm-clued in, so it's not like it should be anything obvious or simple. heh - probably. I would guess that the power settings in the Palm side have become corrupted or something, and I'd like to know if anyone (potatoho, mblank, rlwhitt - any dev person) can tell me which file to go into in Filez and delete, or something like that.
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    I have the exact same problem and have no idea what caused it. As a newbie I haven't downloaded many apps. Hope someone comes up with a fix.
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    When I use my car charger, if I have the screen off I see it come on a few minutes later. I thought maybe it had something to do with the a "battery full" message or something.

    Also, I'm using StayOff to prevent the Treo from coming on with the hard keys. When its being powered, StayOff no longer works, and the buttons do in fact turn it on.

    (yes, I have it set not to come on when powered).

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    Sorry to hear about your screens. Sounds like the only remedy may be a hard reset. If you opened a trouble ticket with HS, they will probably have you do this before they agree to replace your device.

    If there is some file causing your problem, I suggest moving your backup folder out of the HS folder and onto your desktop or somewhere safe. This will force a fresh BU folder on your next Hot Sync. Then see if any of these night be useful? Sorry if you've already been down this road.

    And if a system reset doesn't help and a hard reset doesn't get it right: Very last resort:

    After that you're looking at a replacement.

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