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    Since a number of people have asked, I believe there are a couple of ways by which AIM buddies could be imported into Chatter without too much trouble (I'm thinking mainly of people who have LOTS of buddies).

    1) Creating a text file with a list of buddy names and corresponding contact name, which could be quick-converted into something Chatter could read and create contacts from. The list of buddy names could be typed by hand, or taken from a "Save Buddy List..." file created in AIM (a nice, human-readable list), by the way).

    2) Making a PC app for easy entry of new contact information (for all services).

    I'm interested in getting input on this. True "automatic" import of AIM buddies, btw, just can't happen in the short term, but one of these is certainly a possibility.

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    I haven't yet tried Chatter, I just sent my First Time User email and plan to install the app tomorrow, but I think having a PC app sounds like the best all around solution. The biggest issue I can see with that is that the Mac and Linux people would be S.O.L.

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    How about a combination of the two?

    Make chatter accept formatted text files for import and then write a PC application (or leave that for someone else) to convert a Buddy List text file to the Chatter format.

    This would leave the field open for other platforms to be supported or write their own support. As well as somebody doing it by hand.

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