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    I talked a Sprint employee at their store into plugging in a treo 600 they had in-stock so i could play with it instead of the fake demo thing they have sitting out. Anyway, I was immediately surpirsed (as was the salesperson) by the thiness of the touch screen and the excessive rainbow pool that spreads out from your touch with very little pressure. Often covering a good quarter of the screen with lcd distortion.

    I was unable to find any reference to it as a problem on this forum with search. I have also only found one review of the phone that even mentions this problem so I was wondering if this is common to all the phones or is it occuring in only isolated incidents. The store only had the one phone in stock so i couldnt check another model.

    The distortion was greater than I have seen on a touchscreen in many years. I know from reading that with the genius 5-way pad, touching the screen isn't needed all that often but please tell me that not all 600's screens distort this much from touch!!

    Thanks in advance for responses
    - Still searching for another store with one in-stock
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    It's a feature, not a bug!

    Perfect visual feedback!
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    I get no distortion at all on mine at normal pressure. If I press as hard as I dare (which is pretty hard), I get a small (less than 10mm) area of yellowish distortion which clears as soon as the pressure is removed.

    What you describe sounds like a defective screen to me.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I was hoping this was a defect and assured myself it was until I found another mention of it in a review. Hopefully its ok to post this, but the reviewers comment on the screen is at the end of this page.

    He was also reviewing the Sprint CDMA version so I hope its not common to that model specifically as its the one i want. Unlimited access for $15 ... droool.

    The effect I experienced was a cricle of rainbows emnating from the touch point several times the size of my fingertip. Either way I ordered mine from Amazon today as they no longer tell you to get in line, actually says ships in 24 hrs. Crossing my fingers for no rainbows and thx again for the hope!!
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    I can't believe that the CDMA model is going to be significantly different to the GSM model, and suspect that if this were a common problem, the boards would have been full of comments/complaints about it.

    For additional reassurance, mine has been child-tested. Once my 5 year old niece discovered that she could draw pictures on it using Diddlebug, she was drawing on it for about 2 hours, and 5 year olds are not reknowned for being gentle. She is used to pen and paper, and pressed very hard - caused me a few worrying moments at first. However, I still didn't see any of the rainbowing you describe - just the little, yellowish circle.
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    Thanks for the link to the Mobile Burn was an interesting read. One thing I read in the article was that the reviewer was able to delete all the ringtones except the 1960's Munster TV theme. Is it just me, or does this ringer not exist on the phone??

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