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    I thought I'd pass this along to anyone thinking about buying a Sprint Treo600 - and living in California, Oregon, or Washington.

    I bought my T6 in early October and had some frequent problems with clients getting rapid-busy signals when calling my phone. After about three day-long conversations with Sprint they assured me they had someone "on the problem" - and "engineers were looking into the phone numbers where the calls attempting to reach me originated." They even went on to talk about the likelihood that there were problems with other "lan-line" service providers in the area.

    After about 3 weeks, I still hadn't received any confirmation that the problem was rectified. I still had clients telling me that they ocassionally received fast-busy signals. I called Sprint back and ended up getting an earful from what was clearly someone who'd worked at Sprint for a long time. This lady convinced me that my phone needed to be upgraded and that the upgrade happens simply, while I'm on the phone. She assured me that the upgrade would take advantage of some new technology and new "towers" that sprint was now using.

    Amazingly, after doing this upgrade it DID seem like the problem went away. At least I didn't hear any complaints form anyone .... for a while.

    Now, it's a month later, and while up in N. Cal I had the same thing happen again. Fast busy signals. This time, even I received the fast-busy when trying to reach my own voicemail.

    After another 2 days of calling Sprint, now they're telling me that this is a problem with Lucent Switches that exist up and down the peninsula of California West of Nevada.... stretching as far North as Washington... and I'm not the only one having problems with service.

    THey went on to explain that the problem has existed for about a month and they don't know how long it will be before they fix it. When I asked how a cel-comany can operate with a major outage in their system being "unspecified" when it will be resolved, she tried to qualify that not eveyone is affected.

    So, with that, she insisted on closing the trouble-ticket and assuring me that it will be fixed eventually.

    At this point, I'm not sure what to do - but I'm going to give it another two weeks and then give back the phone if it's not resolved. I'm not sure how they think they can expect to be paid for service when I'm not receiving all my calls.

    It could all be so much better if Sprint were to contact customers publically and let it be known that this problem exists and that they're doing everything to rectify the problem quickly. Instead, they keep it quiet and hope not too many people cause any commotion.

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    If you don't mind I'm gonna post this over at SprintUsers and at HowardForums and see if any1 has any suggestions.

    Do you know if/when you had these probs what time of the day it was? If it was during any kind of peak time (i.e. around 5pm or right when n/w starts) then the towers that your phone is connecting to may be filled to capacity. That's usually what the fast busy signal means. I remember this would happen sometimes in Miami when I 1st started going to school here, but that was a few years ago. As more towers go up, the capacity issues are resolved. FWIW I haven't had a problem in many places I've been.

    As far as your problem is concerned.....the tech was wrong at closing out the ticket. It should remain open so they know that the issue still exists. Call them and either complain about the prob again and have them reopen the ticket or have them create a new one.

    As far as the "upgrade" goes....did she happen to call it a PRL Update? Those are the only OTA (Over the Air) updates I'm aware of...and those don't help with Sprint service directly. The PRL update really only applies when you're roaming off the Sprint network and onto, say, Verizon.

    Were your clients calling from their cell phones or land lines? If they were calling from their cell phones and they don't have Sprint, then it very well could be their phone not being able to connect to the tower. If they have Sprint then they might be in the area experiencing capacity issues.

    Usually if you call from a landline and your phone can't be located, the call gets routed to voicemail.

    Sorry if my thoughts seemed kinda jumbled and's kinda late/early but hopefully this helps. Once I have your permission I'll post this over in the Sprint forums (or you can do it yourself) and we'll see what they have to say about it over there.
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