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    Hi Everyone,

    I just upgraded from a T270 to a Sony UX50...i am looking for an email program to connect to a Microsoft exchange enviornment. I can not use a desktop program and it all has to be done on the handheld. I can use IMAP to connect but i rather use native exchange support if it exists.

    Everyone please chime in with your favorite email program that will meet my needs.

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    OWA for PDA - "meant to be installed on the IIS/OWA server by the MS Exchange/IIS Administrator"

    Any way to get to Exchange uninvasively - i.e. my IT staff will not install/support anything but a Blackberry.

    Can I get an account as if I have a Blackberry (co-workers all end up with a address) and then access that account with SnapperMail via POP3. I floated this with my Help Desk - they had no idea what POP3 meant.
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    I've got the same issue, Rich. I think we need a "Blackberry emulator" or something.
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    Speaking of a Blackberry emulator:
    PalmSource, RIM Formalize Development Venture

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