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    I am searching for a buffy the vampire slayer ringtone (my favorite tv show of all time) . Web search results in Buffy MIDIs that are barely audible. Even tried raising levels in anvil. No luck. Would anyone know how to get a Loud Buffy Ringtone? It's a sad story, I know. ;-)
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    Rather than just boosting the volume, try changing the instruments that are used. I've played with ringtones a fair bit, and some instruments play much louder than others.
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    Glad to know I'm not the only Buffy fanatic out there. Someone here actually had a couple Buffy episodes on their phone.

    If anyone knows of a better editor or way to increase volume, I'd love to know. I agree that most BTVS midis sound weak.
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    Thank you. I will try changing instruments but I'm not confident I can do it. Anyone out there have loud buffy tones? Theme song #1 , extra credit for Buffy the musical, arguably the best musical ever produced.

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