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    i have a little bit of a dilemma. i want to be able to wirelessly hotsync but my school (new mexico military institute) has a very restrictive firewall and they will not open/forward the needed ports or allow vpn connections. so, is there any other way to make this happen?
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    You would need at least one open inbound TCP port to even begin trying to get this to work. Without an inbound port the only way to connect your PC to your Treo via the internet is if your PC initiates the connection. I don't know any way to get the PC to initiate a Lansync though!

    If you can find an open inbound port you can a) attempt to change or reroute the hotsync port or b) set up a VPN connection to the open port and use VPN software on your Treo and then use the regular ports.

    If you have no inbound port I don't know any way to do it short of attaching a modem to your PC and calling it through the wireless modem.

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