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    I am consistently having Spontaneous resets when using AvantGo. It occurs when I use the 5-way button.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Is there a fix?

    Is this just the first of many spontaneous reset problems I am likely to experience?

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    Which version of the AvantGo client are you using -- the Palm OS 5 one, or the general "Palm" one (OS 4 and earlier)?

    I've used the OS 5 version and haven't experienced those kinds of resets. However, on most pages, the font is unbearably small.
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    (hang on, before y'all blast me for not searching on "AvantGo" and "reset" ... I'm doing that now and will post answers here. I should know better ...)
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    Okay, back from the search fray. No info on AvantGo reset, but the AvantGo font issue has an answer:
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    Thanks. I did have old software and it appears that the new version has solved the problem. I will test some more.

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