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    Unless one already exists. Sort of like Pocket Tunes except you could use it as an alarm. Seems simple if you can do the code to play MP3s (or make it as an add-on to Pocket Tunes, etc.)
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    one word... SEARCH

    there are a few apps/solutions floating around out there - take your pick
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    There are already a couple solutions out there that you might want to try (and search for) as kayden suggested. But I'm in a good mood so I just tell you what they are.

    First is to use an alarm/colauncher app called LookAtMe to play mp3/wav as alarms. I already described how to do this in this previous thread. The other option is to use an app like Wave Alarm which allows you to associate an mp3/wav file to any app, not just an alarm events like LookAtMe. The difference of course is that LookAtMe is freeware...
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    LookAtMe rocks - I'm in a good mood cause of it (and posting this on my Treo)

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