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    I've had three Treo 270 units since last December. The first one died of a bad radio, the second one of a battery that gradually (over a 2 month period) lost its ability to hold charge. The latest one is performing hard resets randomly and also looks to have a weak battery. Who else has had problems with their Treo 270 hardware? Is this limited to T-mobile (ie, are they just sending me un-reconditioned units?) or do other reconditioned units suffer from high rates of failure? Finally, if I upgrade to the 600, will I continue to suffer from faulty hardware?
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    sounds like you are getting units with old used batteries in them maybe. Can you demand a fresh out of the box, non-reconditioned, unit from them? I have had my 270 for over a year and it has worked great. I did just replace the battery though as it was starting to have less than stellar battery life (although not too bad still).
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    I hadn't tried that. For my next replacement I'll tell them I need a non-reconditioned unit. Good advice...

    I guess I'm still interested in finding out from other users how common this problem is. My first unit (fresh from box) lasted a long time and had pretty good battery life. Both the replacement units I've gotten have started misbehaving more or less immediately upon arrival. I wonder if there's just a pool of reconditioned hardware that keeps getting traded in to handspring, minimally repaired, and sent back out to customers? My theory is that the hardware in this pool keeps getting worse and worse as the repaired units that are actually fixed get kept by users while the lemons (where random problems keep recurring) keep being reissued and traded back in again and again - sort of a darwinian selection where the fittest units are the ones that stay with the customers. At $25 per quick exchange (where they send you a unit and you send them back the defective unit in the same box), it seems like an expensive way for a customer to get a working phone. Anybody have any idea if this is the way things work at T-mo/Handspring?
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    Please could you tell me how did you replaced the battery as my battery does not hold charges more than three quarters of a day
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    Sounds like you're suffering from the same problem as I had.

    My first treo 270 would last ~2-3 days standby (including 20-30min talk time). It died from a bad radio. My second T270 arrived being able to hold a charge for most of a day (including ~20min talk time) and wound up holding said charge for no more than an hour (standby, radio on, GPRS off) or ~3 min talk time. My third T270, which I got last week, can hold a charge for most of a day (including ~20min talk time). And it spontaneously performed a hard reset this morning when I unplugged it from the charger.

    Solution I found was that my treo was still covered under warranty -- it's valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Any replacement units are covered under that warranty until either (a) the 1 year runs out, or (b) you've had the unit for more than 90 days, whichever is LONGER. To do the exchange, I called the handspring tech support people (at the scary $20/call number -- I wasn't charged). After convincing them the battery really was dead, I was transferred to the T-mobile exchange customer rep. They offered me two exchange options. The first option was the free one where they mailed me a box, I sent my phone in, and they would send it back a few days later after it was repaired. The second option was the $25 option where they sent me a replacement unit, and I sent back my defective one in the same box (postage paid both ways out of the $25).

    I plan to do the same thing again, only this time insisting on getting a new T270. Hopefully this one won't suffer the same problems...


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