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    I need some help. I anticipate getting a Treo 600 with Tmobile service. Currently my work supplies me with a Blackberry (Earthlink) for my email. Is there a way to have my email that gets routed to my Blackberry, routed to my Treo instead (or also)? Is there a way to do this without asking for help from my work computer support? If you can help please provide clear directions (I am not very sophisticated). Thanks.
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    On the RIM 950 Blackberry ipager, which I have for work through Cingular, has a section under "Options"(wrench icon) labeled "User Profile". In "User Profile", you can turn AutoFwd: on by changing the property to "Yes". Then right below that there is a place to put the text messaging address to auto forward to, such as your new Tmobile T600 address.

    The big downside is you can only get 160 characters on SMS, however there is a work around. There is another option just below AutoFwd, which allows you to forward messages over a certain size to a different address. Even 1 char messages are over 1k, because of To: and From: addresses and other overhead. So just set the over size to 1k or 1000 and put in an email address for that forwarding address. So all pages will Auto forward to your new T600 and a copy will be sent to the email you entered, so you can go look at a message that exceeds 160 chars.

    I hope this helps.

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