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    Looks like the Pro Clip will have Treo 600 available soon! Here is an email reply when I asked about availability.

    I have confirmation that it will be shipping for us from the manufacturer tomorrow. We should have it by Dec. 10th. It will be listed on the web site by Monday the 8th. Thank you for your patience.

    Best Regards,
    Jenny Spilling
    ProClip USA
    US Toll Free: 800-296-3212
    Tel: +1 608-838-8950
    Fax: +1 608-838-8949
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    That's good news!
    Yesterday I went to remove the holder for the 270 so that I'd be ready for the 600 version and the bracket snapped in half. Don't suppose it's a warranty issue but maybe I'll shoot them an email. I guess a little epoxy should fix it though.
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