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    Finally got around to installing Keycaps, and man do I ever wish I'd done it sooner!

    One keyboard button press gives you the lower case letter.

    Press & hold gives you the upper case letter.

    Quick double press gives you the opt-letter (ie, the * symbol, or the numeral 5, or whatever the opt symbol is for that key).

    It is simplicity itself, and dramatically enhances keyboard efficiency. I think it should have been built in to the Treo, but certainly everyone who owns a Treo should install it.

    I found it at
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    Seems like you've been on vacation, my friend. There's already a huge long thread about it...
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    It is free, but if you like it make a donation to the developer. He's worked hard on it!
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    This program is worth the $10 donation. I use it just about every time I switch the Treo on.
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    You've talked me into it. Paypal is on it's way...

    What a great app! Stylus? What Stylus?


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