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    Hi all. I haven't been able to figure out how to download pictures taken with the Treo 600 camera to my Mac. I can sync data fine (OS X 10.3, using Palm Desktop 4.1 and iSync 1.31), but I can't get the pictures off the phone.

    Is it possible?

    Thanks in advance!
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    The manual notes that you cannot HotSync photos from the T600 to the Mac. You can either:

    1) e-mail photos to yourself and import them on your Mac.
    2) Move photos to your SD card and then use a card reader attached to your Mac.

    This has been extensively addressed here on the forums, and in the fine print in the T600 manual and in HS FAQs.
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    I wrote a perl script, originally for my Linux machine, but it works fine on my iMac too. See the thread here

    On the Mac, the DB to run this against gets synced into Documents/Palm/Users/<username>/Backups
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    MarkSpace make a version of MissingSync that works with Treo 600. It synchs photos directly to iPhoto. It also comes with a copy of SplashPhoto/Mp3 player. The software allows iTunes to see your Treo as an MP3 player so you have direct integration. And it enables you to see your SD expansion card as a virtual drive. It's worth the ~$35 IMHO

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