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    Thanks for the encouragement to do the SBC Yahoo DSL upgrade. This proved to be the fix for e-mail access on my Treo 600 on Cingular. It seems that the old SMTP server I was using for PacBell would not authenticate from the Treo. Once I did the Yahoo upgrade, set up my user name and password (same as from PacBell), and changed the POP and SMTP server settings to the Yahoo ones (with SMTP authentication), I can both receive AND send e-mail from my Treo 600.
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    same problem sending email to outside email addresses (I can send email to myself no problem) - spoke with my hosting company ( and with Handspring. ended up with the Visto program (basically and upgrade of the old treo mail). program is so so at best. doesnt notify you of unread emails, cand do a send/recieve in the background and is slow
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