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    I received my 600 as an upgrade. Already had AT&T service, so I dropped in my SIM and went on with things.....but the unit was delivered with a SIM already installed. I called AT&T customer support, and they told me it was just an 'extra' SIM. ??????

    Has anyone else had their upgrade sent with another chip? I hope that I'm not billed for another account for the 'extra' SIM.
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    Don't worry about it. All the phones shipped directly from AT&T come w/ the extra SIM. The card is not activated - so you can't get any additional charges. I think it was just a way to get purchasers to call into AT&T and update their phone information.

    My extra SIM even looked a little different (not all blue - had some white on it) but that is due to a different maker - not different features.
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    I swapped the SIM with my blue one. Works fine. I don't play to use or activate the white and blue SIM that came with the phone.

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