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    so far i know cdma (sprint) use verizon for roaming but is verizon good for nationally? what about europe and others?? how good is verizon than the t-mobile widespread? gsm dont use verizon roaming, right? how much is that roaming or its include sprint package??? hope to hear from you!!
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    Roaming on Verizon in the US is available from SprintPCS for $5 per month (the Free and Clear America plan). National coverage is pretty good, from what I can tell. International roaming is not really a viable option with CDMA, though there is coverage in a few countries (e.g., Canada, parts of Mexico, South Korea, parts of China). I don't know whether Sprint had roaming agreements in any of these places, but I tend to doubt it. If international roaming is a significant issue for you, GSM is probably a better option. For the Treo 600 in the US that generally means Cingular, AT&T, or T-Mobile.

    Good luck!

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