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    Any one use geek sounds on their treo 600?

    Did it work? Any proplems?

    From the readme:

    GeekSounds v2.1
    by Justin R. Cutler (


    I was bored of the default midi sounds that come installed on the Palm. As I didn't want to pay for a lot of alarms I didn't want, I went looking for Simple Midi files. These are the ones I liked enough to leave on my Palm. I have also found that Siemens C25/S25 ringtones are quite easy to convert and can make others think that my Palm is a cell phone.

    I used it on my 270 and would like to use them on the 600.
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    I have been watching your post for a reply to my problem. I also have not been able to get GeekSounds to work on my Treo600. I loved it on my Prism and really wanted it back.
    Unless someone has a way to get it to work, I guess we are outta luck.

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