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    What GPS software do you suggest for the Treo 600? I'm using Mapopolis Navigator but sincerely I don't like it so much.
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    what don't you like? what is it your looking for?
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    Is there a GPS unit built into the 600?? Or do you use some sort of accessory harware?
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    I use the Treo 600 connected to an external GPS unit (for car only) and trying map programs running on the Treo 600. Now I'm using Mapopolis but I'm looking for some other GPS-maps in order to compare them, since I'm not very satisfied with Mapopolis.
    Do you have any to suggest to me?
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    what external GPS unit are you using?
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    An NMEA 2.0 (0183) compatible GPS.
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    I'm looking for a good GPS program too, although I might wait until the bluetooth SDIO cards come out for the treo.

    The TomTom GPS got very nice reviews but seems to be for PPC only I think =/

    Check this site out
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    Her are my finding with various gps software that works with treo- here goes!

    1. Mapopolis works perfectly,reroutes and voice prompts, but im not so keen on the interface
    2. Digimap ( works like well and isvery visually pleasing. Rerouting works aswell as voice prompts
    3. Tomtom version 3 will not work on palm OS 5
    4. TomTom version 4 is for palm tungsten only
    5. Kane navigator currently dont support the treo

    I use my treo with a fortuna GPS serial mouse bought from

    Hope this saves some people some time looking at options, and will be more than happy if someone can prove me wrong about tomtom, as this is my ideal system!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberjnke
    what don't you like? what is it your looking for?
    Here's what I don't like:

    The interface. I'm spoiled with my Garmin StreetPilot III, but wanted something easier to bring when travelling.

    The need to have maps loaded into RAM. I'd rather see it work slower when switching regions and keep all of the maps on the SD card.

    My particular "mouse" receiver needs to be connected to the vehicle power to work, but the cable is nice because it also charges the phone at the same time. Had I thought more about it, I would have tried to look for a receiver that would also work on battery power.

    But, Mapopolis works (had to disable the Portable keyboard driver first), and it's relatively inexpensive.

    I got the treo600 GPS kit from for $185.95, which included a year's subscription to the Mapopolis maps.
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    Actually TomTom 4, altough is not supported, works fine on Treo 600!
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    Is anyone selling it without a bundled receiver with North America maps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ferr
    Actually TomTom 4, altough is not supported, works fine on Treo 600!
    Does it work with a serial GPS???
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    Yes, but not with every serial gps...the tomtom serial gps works fine but I heard that some are not recognized. By the way I did not try tomtom on a Treo 600 but on line you will find people who have tried it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaber
    Here's what I don't like:

    The need to have maps loaded into RAM. I'd rather see it work slower when switching regions and keep all of the maps on the SD card.
    The newest version of mapopolis will work transparently with maps on the sd card, without loading them to ram. There's a thread on this on the "treo general chat" of treo central. Having not used mapopolis yet (i'm in the research stage), its not clear to me if this totally handles the map/ram issue or not. Have you folks who are dissatisfied with this issue tried this latest version? It may be beta.

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    I'll search for that thread. I've downloaded the latest within the last 7 days and it definitely doesn't do this. It allows you to copy the maps from the card to RAM, and allows you to load contiguous map files from RAM, but that's not the same. I'll recheck, but I suspect this is either a misinterpretation, or a beta feature. The doc is very specific that they don't do this as a performance issue.
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    OK, I see there's beta version 2.02 which handles maps on the card much better. I'm downloading it now and have a 120-mile trip tomorrow that I can try it on. Looking forward to seeing how the 3D navigation looks too.
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    Please post back and let us know!
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    I'm not having too much luck with the 2.02 beta. I get "Stack Overflow" errors when I try to access the maps, or transfer them (I wanted to take all the RAM maps and move them to external memory). I might wait for another version before trying again.
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    As reported in another thread here, some users have had success in avoiding the stack overflow errors by reformatting their SD cards and placing their maps in folders containing the state detail maps and major road maps.

    The default is to search the entire card for maps, but you can tap on the Directory:_______________ line and specify the folder you want. This will prevent the program from searching the entire card.

    Version 2.02 can open and cache up to 480 maps, but performance is MUCH better if you have a smaller number of maps in a single folder.
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    I'll keep experimenting, as soon as I get home and have a spare SD card to play with. I didn't have a lot of maps, but I think they ended up in the root directory along with a lot of other stuff, so I'll try a dedicated directory with a handfull of maps, or a directory for each state once I add more. And I'll keep watching the Mapopolis website for an update too.

    Anyone get 3D navigation to work and is able to post a screen shot?
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