Okay - this may be a newbie question, but Iīm having trouble setting up my IMAP account in Basejet. The IMAP service I use is Fastmail, which is a great service. Iīve been able to set this up successfully with other IMAP clients on my Treo 600, but not in Basejet. Basejet looks really great, so Iīd like to get this figured out.

I get an error when I try to sync (not using launcher, just the stanalone) saying basejet canīt logon to my IMAP server with my username and password.

1) Is the PRC file I installed as part of the īfullī version the same as the standalone version? Basically, I donīt want to use launcher, just my standalone device. I donīt need launcher for IMAP and Hotmail, correct?

2) My IMAP config is as follows:
Name: myname@myfastmail.com
Pwd: Assigned
Email: myname@myfastmail.com
IMAP: mail.messagingengine.com
SMTP: mail.messagingengine.com
Use SSL: Not checked
Use above login for SMTP AUth: Checked
SMTP Auth: Not checked

3) Is the īDevice Infoī important? I wasnīt sure what to enter here. Here is what I currently have:
Phone: nothing (what should this be?)
Carrier: Other (no other choice)
SMS Email: ##########@mobile.att.net (btw - what is this used for?)
Device Synch Port: 110
Transporter Address: sync.basejet.com

4) Iīd also like to use with Hotmail, but that doesnīt seem to work either. Here are my settings:
Name: myname (without ī@hotmail.comī - do I need that?)
Pwd: Assigned
Email: myname@hotmail.com
POP3: hotmail.basejet.com (wasnīt sure about this one)
SMTP: smtp.basejet.com
Use SSL: Not checked
Use above login for SMTP AUth: Not Checked
SMTP Auth: Not checked

Please help!!!!!