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    I received my Cingular Treo two weeks ago and enjoyed it lots for 1 week. This week it started crashing and shutting itself off (mostly while on the phone or when receiving messages). Also, started making a screeching noise sometimes while on the phone before crashing. The only way I could hard reset it was by plugging it into the charger.

    Handspring told me not to load any programs and use it as it came out of the box. I got two more crashes and called Handspring. They are now exchanging my Treo for a new one. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem.

    P.S: I still love the new Treo 600 and think that is the best gadget out there.
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    What apps did you have?
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    I also received my Cingular Treo last week. Since then, I have had to perform two hard resets. It seems when I went from one app to/from the mail app, the treo reset and went into a reset loop. I performed a hard reset and restored the system from an SD card using BackupMan. On the required reset it again went back into a loop. I then hard reset and did a synch back to the PC. Since then I have uninstalled AOL Instant Messenger (which I downloaded from the UK site) to see if that might be the culprit. I have not had it reboot during a call.
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    I would say that 99% of the resets experienced are due to sfotware conflicts with the new Palm OS5 that's running on the Treo 600. Many of the software manufactures have not made their software compatible with the new OS. I had some resets when I first started using me Treo 600; however the problems stopped after removing all questionable software (non-Palm OS5 compatible). Be may take some time figure out what software does and doesn't work.
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    It even crashes when I have not third party applications installed.
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    Mine started by wanting to roam all the time. When it did connect to the Sprint Network it would crash when I tried to make a call or connect to PCS Vision. It would completely go dead and not power back up until I connected the charger. Sprint went through everything they could think of but nothing worked. They sent me a new phone. It didn't start this until after the second time I used the car charger though. I just wonder if that had something to do with it.
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    Also when I did get it to start back up on the charger it had done a hard reset. It did this even on the basic software that came on the phone.
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    I had exactly the same problem with my Cingular GSM model - daily hard resets requiring me to plug back into the AC charger. This happened even when I didn't sync to a computer - so it was not 3rd party apps causing it.

    I phoned up and received a replacement - after two days without syncing, not a single hard reset - so I'm about to sync up and take it from there.

    FYI a friend recently had to return his handset (...dropped it down the toilet) and he received his replacement in 3 days.
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    I removed AOL IM and haven't had any more reset issues.

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