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    I got my Treo 600 on a new line of service with Vision Picture Pack just over a week ago. My picture mail has worked perfectly in both directions since I got my phone. I've exchanged pictures with a couple of other phones without a problem.

    A friend of mine bought his Treo 600 and new Sprint service just the other day. Everything is working for him in terms of voice and data. He can send me pictures and I can see them just fine.

    Any pictures sent to him just display a red X where the picture should be in the browser. He gets the SMS notification and can follow the link - but the picture is always a red X. This is true of pictures sent to him from my phone, his wife's phone and anything he sends to himself.

    His browser works fine and display images on any other website with no problems whatsoever.

    The first thing I noticed when talking to him was that he did not have a Vision Picture Pack on his account. I'm guessing that means he might have to pay for pictures on a per use basis (or kb or something), but I wouldn't think it would prevent him from seeing them at all. He had his account switched to Picture Pack a couple of days ago, but that has not (as I predicted) fixed the problem.

    Numerous calls to Sprint have yielded the usual batch of misinformation, cluelessness and misdirection. I finally made the call for him today and managed to get as far as getting a ticket opened for his issue. The CSR made numerous attempts at passing off the problem on all kinds of crap (wrong browser, speculating that we needed Eudora, that the problem was the senders and not him, etc). I disproved every single attempt with evidence that could not be argued, so she had no choice but to finally admit defeat and open a ticket to escalate the issue.

    She said the ticket would require up to three days to be addressed. I find this patently absurd. I still think this is as simple as something set wrong in the network regarding his account... possibly his provisioned IP does not match what his picture access is expecting or something like that (pure speculation on my part). No, it's not his picture password - that has been reset and confirmed several times throughout this saga.

    Anyway - it gets stranger. The folks at his office fell in love with the Treo and wanted to buy several for their salesmen. My friend (he's their IT guy) went to Best Buy here in town and bought the last two Treos they had in stock and set them up tonight for the company. He made sure these were purchased and initially provisioned with Vision Picture Pack on the accounts (unlike how his started). BOTH of those units are doing the same thing... red X's where the pictures should be.

    It didn't help our testing tonight that SMS is also running like crap locally all of the sudden. Prior to tonight SMS has been just a matter of seconds... now it's taking anywhere from 30 minutes to never for a new picture alert to arrive.

    So... my Treo 600 is working great in both directions. All three Treos he has gotten in the last few days are sending fine but cannot view ANY pictures they receive.

    Anybody have ANY idea what the heck is happening? I have a VERY hard time thinking this is a hardware issue as others have speculated. I'd be pursuing a hard reset and reprovision on his phone, but two new units out of the box tonight exhibiting the same problem is bizarre and tends to crush that idea.

    He was also given some crap tonight from a CSR that this is an SMS problem. I don't see how this could be, either, since SMS is just being used to deliver the URL... everything after that point is handled by Blazer. They also told him that the browser will no longer be involved in the process soon as the pictures will be delivered to his phone via SMS. Any truth to that?

    Regarding that last question, what IS the story with SMS? What are its ultimate capabilities and why is implementation of SMS such a huge problem for Sprint on the Treos?

    As always, we really like our Treos but continue to be staggered at the grief one must endure to do ANYTHING with Sprint technical support... it's sheer punishment and some of their comments would make you laugh out loud if you weren't so pissed at the situation.

    - Aaron
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    This message was posted between the last time I checked that forum and when I posted in this forum:

    This guy appears to have rolled the CSR dice and come up with a winner.

    I'm going to try this sequence with my friend and see what we can do.

    I'm hoping that we can achieve what he did with a hard reset by whacking the appropriate prefs instead. Any thoughts?

    Speaking of a hard reset - is there any way to do it without an unlock code from Sprint?

    - Aaron
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