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    Ordered the monday before Thanksgiving via HS phone guys (ATT service). Got it yesterday. Lovin' it today. (Not posting pics of that... )

    Only weird thing was the upgrade from the 180 wasn't perfect. Apparently some ancient app from the Vx days that is still lingering in my folders caused the T6 to just reset itself constantly. Removed the "Backup" folder per the website instructions, did a hard reset, and I was in business.

    Now to reinstall all the apps one at a time to find out which one was the problem app... See you guys in a few weeks...
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    Congratulations! Reloading all the software won't take nearly as long as you fear it might...and you'll have an excuse to play with your new toy for a while! And a chance to reacquaint yourself with all that software that you forgot you had!
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    First real day of use of mine and in this class I have been taking, I pretty much sold four more to several of the people in the class. Once they saw what I had mentioned in previous classes, they had to have it. Man, I wish HS had a referral program or something...

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