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    Fellow Treo Enthusiasts,
    I'm thinking of gettig a t600 and was wondering what the general consensus was on the screen resolution. I have heard several people express their disappointment with it and would like to hear any additional feedback others may have. How do pics look on the screen? How do websites appear on the screen? Answers to either or both of these questions would be great. Thanks!
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    No complaints.
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    The screen is just fine.

    No its not hi-res like the Clie, but find a Clie that does what this does.

    For what this phone is capable of, the screen is great. The backlight is the best there is. Too bright sometimes.

    If you cant live without hi-res, buy a HDTV tuner and a bigsreen, park you **** in the recliner and dont mess with convergent devices.

    There isnt a device out there that gives everything everyone wants, but the T600 is the closest hit the bulleye to date.

    IMHO of course

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    at first the screen res was my biggest complaint. But now I never notice it.
    All I can tell you is the more I use it the more I love my T.
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    I just switched from a Kyocera 7135 to the Treo 600, and my ONLY disappointment so far is the camera and screen res. I'll still keep the T-600 though.
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    Since I upgraded from a Palm V I am pleased to own a color device (lol). The cam sucks but most of us didn't buy it for the cam. IMHO the real issue is that for the price, you expect to have everything be 1st class. But with any device there are tradeoffs and I am glad HS chose the battery over the res. IMHO the screen is more than comfortable.
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    Can't say that I have any real complaints about the display. It would sometimes be nice to get more on the screen, or to be able to use smaller fonts, but since I have come from a black and white (or, at least, grey-scale) Visor to a colour display, and the display is smaller, so the pixels aren't as obvious, I find it perfectly usable for the kinds of things I want to do.
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    thanks for all your helpful input!
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    I'm dissatisfied with the resolution, but I think I can somehow deal with it.

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