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    Before you guys start elaborating on the wonders of pEdit and all those other editors, please let me explain what I'm looking for. I realize that palm text editors must save data in a record-like format.

    However, I need to be able to create ASCII (or unicode, doesn't matter to me) text-based files, with any extension, save them to my memory card, and be able to FTP them to my ftpserver.

    These files may be strictly memo notes, formatted HTML/XML, batch files, etc. I have a repository on my server for a command parser to look and filter through, taking action depending on file type.

    Anyone know of a text editor such as this?

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    I'm looking for the same thing, is there anything out there like this?
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    Have a look at SiEd

    It works either with text files in palm memory or on the SD card.
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