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    OK, I'm awaiting my new T-600 but I just wanted to confirm a couple of things

    Data transfer

    1- This is a GSM phone, is the wireless function basically a 56K speed or can it go faster.


    2- For you Canadians, do you find Fido or AT&T offer the best package ?


    3- If I go with AT&T, it basically comes with desktop wireless which I believe is the new name fir Business Connect. Is thata better package than the Visto product MessageXpress ? Keep in mind I use a laptop to web and lotus notes e-mail. Will business connect be enough ?

    4- On software install on my computer, will the new software version migrate my data of my Palm V to my Treo databse automatically, if not, how do I get the new phone to grab this old info.


    5- Has anyone here received and installed (full wire install) the car handsfree package, anyone connect that to the stereo or installed and external antenna ?

    Thanks for all your efforts

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    1. GPRS is theoretically faster than 56K (can't remember the specs right now)

    2. Sorry, eh? I'm not Canadian.

    3. Don't have AT&T, don't have that S/W

    4. If you're using the Palm Desktop software, then you should be cool. If not, it depends on what you're using.

    5. I wish
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    OK we got number 4 down, I do use use Palm desktop.
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    I was also worried about the install, but it worked perfectly. Picked up all the current data automatically and put all the files in the proper place (where they were before). Also did a great job of "filtering" all the apps that do not work on OS5 and put them in a separate folder.
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    As you know I am on Rogers and I think they are better then Fido. Rogers is a lot more stable then Microcell.

    Just an idea for you. I recommend that you get a screen proctector for the phone. I got the G2 and they are great. super clear no film.

    They do not have the Treo 600 on the site yet but click on any treo protector and in the comments write in it is for the Treo 600. I ordered it on Sunday last week and had them on Thursday. They are out of Vancouver.

    By the way i will most likely have the Treo by 8:30AM so call me in the morning.
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    OK ATT it is (isn't it great when your supplier answers your questions !)

    I'm still wondering if Visto (messageXpress) would be better than Biz Connect for my notes mail...

    Also, I have a company firewall set up on my computer, it's a Nortel VPN and it all configured from the company. If my laptop loses it's VPN, it basically loses notes mail transfer to the web. Can I use Palm VNC to re-establish my VPN connection on my laptop ?

    I'm calling you 9:00h, thanks Stephen

    Go Habs Go (maybe...)
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    Realistically, you'll only average speeds around 40 kbps using GPRS.

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