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    Has anyone tried using the RealOne player with their Treo 600? I haven't received mine yet to try it on. I like the user interface better than Pocket Tunes. I think that the skins that are available with Pocket Tunes are all bad.
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    alas, not yet
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    I just checked the Realone site, and when you try to download the player for palm os, they ask you for what palm model. The ones they have are all from the Tungsten line. Dont they all have 320x320 rez?

    I bet the player would work for the Treo if the resolution on it was 320x320. I'ts frustrating to think that Im paying for the Treo 600 $400 dollars, just to see Palmone release a new version with hi-res in a few months.
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    Previously posted here

    Originally posted by KKenna
    I got these responses from Real and Normsoft (makers of PocketTunes)


    Hello, The RealOne Player for Palm was specifically made for Palm devices. Although Palm now owns Handspring, the Treo 600 was under development before the acquisition took place and therefore the Treo 600 has it's own MP3 solution. Therefore, the RealOne Player will not work on current handspring devices.



    We are looking into this and hope to support it in the future. We have a prototype working over wi-fi, but I'm not sure how well it will work on the cell phone networks, so we will need to do a lot more testing before we can decide that it is usable on the Treo 600.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with!

    So we just have to wait, and I'm uninstalling the RealOne software from my PC right after I click the submit button !!!
    So we are out of luck for now.

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    I'd rather shove bamboo shoots up my fingernails than have that crap on any of my computers.
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    What are you calling crap? My wife's Tungsten E has RealOne on it and it plays mp3s with no problems. I just think that the interface is just way better looking than Pocket Tunes. It's just a matter of taste.
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    As usual the latest Treo (600) was being worked on prior to the latest mobile software. PalmOne has to try doing something they never did as Handspring. They must make a way for future Treo owners (Treo 900 or whatever) to be able to upgrade the OS and take advantage of advances in Palm software.
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    The one thing I would love to see, is Palmone realeasing a Firmware upgrade to fix some of the issues most mentioned in the boards.(Camera fix, voice sound quality in calls...etc) That would take care of some of the issues. Make the camera at least a liiiiiiiitle more usable. But what sucks is the hardware problems; Higher resolution, Edge Network.
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    Well there were 2 updates for the Treo 300. They did not help much though . Be careful what you wish for .

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